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Animal Communication

Can we really talk to animals?

Yes, we can!!! And they have so much to say...

If you talk to someone who has a pet dog or cat or even a fish, they will tell that they use their baby voice to talk to their pets. 


How do we instinctively know what our animals want?  And yet when it comes to animal communication, we somehow don't believe it. Well we believe bits of it.... I often hear people say, “I am connected to my dog but I don’t have the same connection to others.”

When Should you Contact an Animal Communicator?

Behavior Issues

These could be new or deep seated issues such as destroying things, pooping in inappropriate places, excessive barking, aggressive or jealous behavior.

We look at helping the animal modify these behavior patterns using telepathic communication and Bach Flower Remedies

Lost or Runaways

Many lost animals are found through the help of communicators. There are no guarantees! But if the pet is trying to return, communicators can help them find their way back.


If the runaways are out exploring the world, then they may not want to return but they always explain why they have left.

Fostering or Adopting

Many people adopt or foster animals to support local shelters. Often, we get animals with many issues.

We help you understand how to help them adjust and settle into their new environment, quickly and comfortably.

Get to know your animal better

We always wonder what our animals are thinking about. If there something he or she would like you to do?


You can get a communication just to find out what your darling animal likes or to find out what he thinks. Or if you wanted to let them know about some major changes like moving houses or cities that is in the offing.

Getting Closure

When our animal companions cross over the rainbow bridge, they leave such a void in our lives. There is so much you want to know and so much you want to say to them...

Animal Communication can help you connect with those pet who have passed on, to get some closure.

Add to your pack or not? 

Sometimes we wonder, if its a good idea to bring in a new member to the pack.

Will my dog accept the kitten, the puppy or even an older animal? Is he looking for a companion? Will they get along or not?

You can communicate with your pet and ask them how they feel about it. You can even talk to the new member of the pack to set the ground rules.

Here are some heart warming stories from and about our friends

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