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Damini Tandan

“Focus, resilience, courage, and a perpetual desire to learn” 

Damini is a masters from UCLA, a business entrepreneur and owner of Writers Anonymous, a content strategy & editorial firm; and Corner Office Advisors, a leadership advisory company.

An individual driven by her faith to heal, and help others. Her love for nature and animals drove her to learn and practice alternate non invasive natural therapies.

Bach Flower Remedies work miracles with human and animals.

A Healer and Animal Communicator

A Bach certified therapist proficient in helping beings heal - both humans and animals. In the blog, you will find stories of how Bach Flower Remedies help people and animals.


A trained animal communicator with hundred’s of experiences supporting pets and helping pet parents learn so much about their ‘children’.

How can you reach her?

If you are looking for help to heal your animal companion with Bach Flower Therapies or would like a consult for yourself, you can reach her via email or Facebook.  A consult is on the phone.

For animal communications, you can request for an email or phone consult.


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