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How Dopey Chose me

My journey with Dopey has been about surrender

For years, I felt a guilt-pang, every time I thought about the lemon puppy. But once, I learnt to communicate, I realized that Dopey had chosen me! The lemon puppy was playing his part to make sure it was Dopey who went home with me.

Dopey, the day he came to us

We decided to get a Basset Hound. Why, because, they are so cute!!!

We went to a reputed Pet Shop in Khan Market, and asked them to find us a Basset puppy from a good breeder. So, he asked us questions like color. Whether we want the chocolate one or a lemon one? And, then then they bring these puppies from the breeders.

I know, I wasn't really evolved then, and while I wanted to get an Indie, there wasn't much support for one at home. My journey and my work with Indies (Indian dogs) is also linked to him. But that’s a whole other story.

It took a couple of weeks but the puppies had arrived. They traveled by air, all the way from Coimbatore to New Delhi. When I got the call, I was super excited and went to pick up the puppy with a couple of my friends. I had asked for a lemon and white one. When I went to the store, the lemon one was sleeping. He just slept; he didn't wake up. He wouldn't respond. Nothing!

Whereas Dopey, who was the other dog in the cage, just jumped out and into my lap and started licking my face. All the while and I kept trying to wake up the lemon one that I had technically asked for. And he just wouldn't respond. So, I finally looked at Dopey, who was so excited. He was jumping, and playing and licking my face. My friends started to say, "Take this one, he so cute and loving."

So, I asked the pet shop owner if I could take the brown one instead. And, he said, “Of course, somebody will take him (lemon one).”

Dopey jumped out of my lap and into the car as soon as we got in and started exploring. He was on the dashboard. He was on the floor. It was almost like he was saying, I like this car! When we got home, he seemed just as comfortable. It was like he was saying, "I am happy to be home." He was just 45 days old. There was no fear, no crying, no loneliness from being taken away from his mom or siblings.

That's how Dopey chose me!

This is Dopey, after he reached home. He played, and then went into his basket to sleep

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Wonderfull, this reminds me so much of how Zen may dog chose me a similar way, while my preference was that of a female.

Me gusta
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