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A dog Told me What to Use for Epilepsy

Did you know Jasmine help control Epilepsy? Neither did I

Last year I had several animal cases with Epilepsy. I see many cases especially with Beagles and Cocker Spaniels in India, potentially due to in-breeding. Though, medical science really doesn't have an answer on what causes Epilepsy in humans or animals; however, there are drugs that help control these symptoms.

Most animals that I worked with were on various allopathic medicines. As these have severe side effects on the liver, as it doesn't completely metabolize from the body.

Most of the cases come after years on being on medicines, which helps control it but then side effects have kicked in. In most of these cases I find Bach Flower Remedies help a great deal in reducing the epileptic seizures and their intensity. But these alone are not sufficient as you cannot administer these during an epileptic episode.

In a couple of back to back cases, a communicator friend who was helping me, kept getting Jasmine. But these messages came more as words as if the animals were trying to tell us something. But it did not make sense to either of us. We would ask the humans is they have Mogra (Jasmine) around their house. And of course, most would. I knew there was something significant about this message, but I couldn't figure it out.

After the third communication, I decided to read more about Jasmine (Mogra). Jasmine essential oil is used to help break the epileptic fits. It works on the principal of smelling a shoe during a seizure.

An old wife’s tale but recent research shows that intense olfactory stimulation blocks seizures. Of course, this has only been tested on rats so far, but Aromatherapy is built on this principle. And if ancient systems have used it, we can definitely try it.

Using Jasmine Essential oil diffusers helps create a calming environment but it also makes one feel fresh and alert. Also, during a seizure, you can try to take the bottle close to their nose so that a strong whiff may help break the cycle of the epileptic attack.

Yes, there are a few things to be careful about. The diffuser should not be at a level where animals lick it. Most essential oils are not edible. Also, make sure you have the original oil extracted from flowers.

There are a number of synthetic essential oils available. Avoid these.

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