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Robo Senior and Robo Junior

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

When your dog comes right back to complete his soul purpose with the family

Robo Senior was an English Pointer and Robo Junior, an Indie Boy

Why do we feel so strongly for our pets? Dogs, cats, fish, iguanas. What purpose do they serve with us and why does the bond feel so special? It’s really because they are a part of a soul group. They are here to help us through a certain period of our lives. As we think back, we feel this strong connection that we have or had with a pet.

This story is about our dog, Robo who came back twice to us, to complete his soul purpose with us.

Our first dog, Robo, was the gentlest, sweetest animal one can ask for in a first pet. We had no experience, except knowing that we love dogs. My mother had two dogs growing up. She did not want to get a dog, as she did not want us to experience the heartbreak of losing a beloved dog. Something that is bound to happen eventually.

My father, on the other hand, did not want us to have a dog at all. He had no interactions with animals and felt they would be too much work. Which, truth be told, is exactly what happened! My father became responsible for his long walk’s morning and night.

I was 16 years old, when we got a puppy from friends. Their dogs had a litter of beautiful English Pointers. He lived with us till I was 27 years old and about to get married. He was beloved. Kids from our block would ring the bell in the evening to take Robo out to play with them. He would run around the garden as a member of the football or cricket team, or whatever sport the kids were playing.

His soul purpose was to make sure that there was harmony and peace in the house. Every time we (sisters) got into a fight, he would hide under the bed, extremely upset with our behavior. And we would stop fighting, as it was upsetting him.

He would lick our tears till we were quiet, and he would follow my mom around the house. He had a special relationship with each member of the family.

He passed shortly before I was to get married. This was in August 2002. We were devastated, and my mom swore that there would be no more dogs in our home. She was so attached to him, that she would cry for weeks after he passed.

A few months later, the same winter, Robo decided to rejoin our family. We did not know this until after I started to communicate. Our friend was looking after a tiny litter. The mommy dog passed away when the babies were barely 15 days old. It was cold and raining, so our friend brought the puppies indoors and was trying extremely hard to get them adopted.

My sister was helping take care of the puppies. She brought one of the puppies back home. My mother who was still grieving for our dog was absolutely against getting another dog. She returned the puppy the same day.

But of course, my sister and I won this battle too. We could not imagine leaving this tiny baby on the street again with no mother to help it learn survival skills. A shelter would be a sure shot death warrant for the puppy.

We could not think of another name and decided to call the new puppy, Robo. He was the cutest, naughtiest and yet the gentlest dog again. As I had moved out, he became my sister’s best friend and protector. She lived alone with him, as my parents moved to another city. The two of them were inseparable.

Even though Indies are considered much stronger than pedigree dogs, our Robo Jr got chronic kidney disease just like his predecessor. We went through the same agonizing months of drips and vet visits. All this was managed by my sister.

My parents who were supposed to go to the United States for a holiday. They cancelled their plans and moved back to Delhi to be with Robo. It was a very traumatic period for the whole family, and we could not understand why all our dogs got kidney disease? What were we doing wrong? Just like Robo Sr, we had helped Robo transition when the situation got bad.

When I learnt to communicate, I asked our Robo Sr, why is it that his memories faded when the new dog entered our life? He explained that he had returned and so there was no reason for me to hold on to those memories so closely.

He also explained his soul purpose with the family. He said, “you were going to be married and moving into your own home, and so I chose to leave. I had to come back to be with Rohini until she was ready to start her family. “

I could never understand why their personalities were so similar until I communicated with both together. For me, the original Robo did all the talking. Maybe, because, in that physical form, we had a stronger bond. Whenever, I asked a question on behalf of my sister, the second Robo would appear, as if to say that his bond with her was the strongest.

Robo Senior passed away in 2002 and Robo Junior in 2012. It's been at least 10 years since the second Robo passed away, but his memories are the strongest. Robo Senior comes often to remind me of the fun times we had together and that always makes me laugh.


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