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Why do animals display aggressive behaviour?

Updated: May 6, 2022

Aggressiveness is a complex problem and there is no simple answer for the person managing an aggressive animal. Understanding the cause of aggression is very important point of being a pet parent. It could be fear induced, or it could be a mother’s instinct to protect her children. Sometimes, if an animal is in pain, it may react aggressively. And sometimes, when you bring a new animal home, there can be a lot of aggressiveness because the two animals are just so different in nature.

In almost all cases, animal aggression is result of us not understanding what they need.

As the snarling increases to biting, most pet parents start to become fearful and angry with the animal. We then add more negative energy to the mix, making the animal even more agitated. Talking to your vet and behaviorist is a good idea, as they can guide you on health as well as behaviour modifications. Another, extremely good option, is a combination of Bach Flower Remedies and Animal Communication. It shows excellent results.

Animal communication allows me to understand the animal's perspective. It allows us humans to modify certain actions or behaviour patterns that the animal might not like or perceives as a threat. In conjunction with remedies, we find animals calm down to a great extent.

Once we have eliminate physiological reasons with a vet evaluation, we often realize in our conversations with the animal that they are unable to break a bad habit even if they wish to.

Often, trauma is the reason for aggressive behaviour. These include mistreatment as puppies by humans or other animals. Some dogs fail to imprint and learn certain behaviour patterns from their mother. A mother teaches her litter who to trust, how to play with other animals etc. This is because the pup and mother are separated before it turns three months. Most pedigree dogs sold by breeders in India display lack of imprinting.

Many animals fear loud noises. If it’s their first Diwali, you will see how the animals display either extreme anxiety by trying to hide or barking constantly at the loud noises. fearfulness due to loud noises or strangers that causes aggressive responses. Most animals acknowledge that they are unable to break free from their flight or fight mode.

Aggressiveness may not be towards family members but towards outsiders. There are animals who are aggressive towards, cars, bikes and other animals and very difficult to walk. Or others who bite sporadically and some others who don’t adjust easily in a new place.

In these instances, animals are very open and often will even specify that they prefer natural treatments. With Bach Flower Remedies, we have seen a huge improvement as the flower essences balances their energy to make them calmer and more patient, giving them time to decide if a situation is a threat or not.

Many pet parents report a 30 – 40% improvement in their behaviour. They say the animals growl less or stop biting altogether.

It is always important that we heed warning growls and avoid annoying the animal as well.



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