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How do we help our animals who experience behavioral issues?

Updated: May 6, 2022

First, we must be sure it's a behavioral issue and not an age appropriate pushing of limits by our animal child

It's normal for some behavior issues in all animals. If you had to compare them to our own crazies... you know what I mean. We all have our idiosyncrasies. As we start to accept animals as sentient beings, we also need to accept that they have viewpoints that may conflict with ours.

Does that really make it a behavioral issue?

What I have realized through this journey of animal communication is that animals look at life differently than us. We humans experience insecurities, unhappiness, things not getting our way, feeling rejected and so on at some point in life.

What we don't realize is that animals who come into our life will also have behaviour issues, just like us. We get so hecked up about bad behaviour! Most importantly, we need to realize that each animal has his or her own personality. Those traits are here to stay.

Let's talk about some of the common issues we face with our pets.

  • Aggressive behaviour: Growling, nipping at your feet or even biting

  • Pee and poo in inappropriate places: If it's not age appropriate or sudden behaviour, there may be something that they are trying to bring your attention. Seems to be quite a favorite tactic!

  • Fear based issues: Especially rescue animals display behaviors such as scared of people and animals, not building a pack, hiding at the slightest noise, signs of anxiety are common. Bach Flower Remedies is a very good option for such animals

When we spend time communicating with them and understand their point of view, issues do get resolved.

A combination of Bach Flower Remedies and Communication helps calm animals down, help them become more loving and reduce their aggression. And listening to their advise is always a bonus. It has always helped me.

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