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Bargad (Banyan) & I

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

And our 15 year relationship

The Banyan Tree, My plant guide

A friend gifted a Bargad (Banyan) bonsai to me as a housewarming gift in 2005. Yes, 15 years ago and this is our story.

The first four years, I didn't know what to do with him so he stayed on the terrace. The maali (gardener) watered and cared for him and I ignored him.

Then we moved homes, and as I set about putting my plants around the house, the Bargad managed to get a place outside my window. My favourite place in the whole world. The first time we really connected. Or rather I connected with him.

We communed over coffees but the thought that this (bonsai) wasn't right never left me. I could never trim the roots. I did trim leaves.

We sat in peace together for many years. Occasionally, I thought of what I should do but I never had a clear answer.

Again in 2016, we moved, the Bargad went to the terrace. But the thought that I need to find a place for him had become very strong. I missed the rains in 2017, not because I didn't want to, but, I couldn't find him a home that would be safe. He seemed weak, and I felt he would not survive in the ground on his own.

Then in 2018, we moved to our office. I was not a communicator yet, but I heard everything that he had to say. He was waiting patiently. He knew my intentions were good but that I was just indecisive, maybe unable to let him go.

In the monsoons of 2019, I learnt to communicate, and finally, I didn't need to decide on my own. I spoke to my dear friend, the Bargad finally. I asked what he would like me to do. Shall I plant him the ground. I showed him a place near a Peepal tree or shall I buy a huge pot and have him by my office, so we can sit together again.

He chose the pot. And as soon as I moved him last year, he dropped a root in a week in his new home. To feel at home, has a new meaning for us. We are both at peace, back together.

It's been less than a year, but my Bargad is growing everyday. He watches over me. And even though he is a young tree, I have always found his presence to be very calming.

I hope our conversations continue and I am able to share his perspectives with all of you.


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