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Do your pets know when you are pregnant?

The answer is an absolute big old YES!

Sometimes they know when you start thinking about a family because they are so in tune with your thoughts. Most animals will show you that they know. Some become gentler and stop rough housing with you. Others look a bit vary and keep their distance.

While some evolved animals will come and smell your belly and gently lay their head, as if to say hello little one.

Many people want to talk about the pregnancy and explain that there will be a new member in the family. Most animals I have spoken to, will smile and say “I know”. Some will say, “This is why I am here. I have been waiting for the new arrival.”

Our animals have soul connections with us and our unborn children. They come with a purpose of being with us as a family.

If you worry because you don’t have best behaved, maybe slightly off-beat animal member in your pack, you should definitely talk with an animal communicator. They will tell you what they expect. Like one dog said, I want to be given the respect of the older sibling.

Another one recently wanted her family to know that she knows about the baby. She showed me a pram and wouldn’t tell me whose it is. That was so adorable!!


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