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Healing Gingivitis with Bach Flower Remedies

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

And what cats feel about cat food!

I have been feeling rather chuffed about how Bach Remedies have worked on cats and dogs. This is so important because it even a small visit to the vet can be a very traumatic experience for both the animal and the pet parent. But with Gingivitis, the animal needs to be put under anesthesia to clean their teeth and gums. And would need to be repeated again for some animals.

When it started working, the word spread from one pet parent to another, and I started getting specific requests for Bach Remedies for Gingivitis.

While I was rather pleased with the results, in one of my consults, I asked the cat, “Why am I getting so many cases suddenly specifically from cat parents?”

She replied, “Don’t you love junk food? Its unhealthy but delicious. It’s the same with our food. When we live with humans, very few give us raw food. And the cat food is yummy! But it doesn’t let us maintain our natural teeth and gum hygiene.”

I hadn’t thought of this. I started to research this, and realized how chemicals, sugars and carbohydrates are not natural food of cats.

Cats eat raw animal protein (Not plant protein). It gives them water content and protein. Less than 2% of their diet is carbohydrates. The method of tearing away the flesh helps maintain their teeth health. Where as, kibble is bitten not torn.

In India, we put cats on kibble as most people are vegetarian.

The reason why Gingivitis is new to me, is probably because, my aunt (a vegetarian) has her cats on a raw chicken diet since we were kids. Yes, there is kibble lying around, but they all get chicken. This is probably why I haven't seen ill health and vet visits all my life.

In any case it may be worth your own investigation, so you can make an informed decision.


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