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Meet Bhuri, a Sweet,Sweet Streetie

Bhuri was found paralyzed one morning. This is her story and how she recovered in a week.

This is one of the craziest communications. The care-giver, Rafat, was crying on the phone and wanted to know what to do.

When I connected with Bhuri, she was hysterical too. You don't often find hysteria in dogs when you talk to them. This was kind of new for me. She said, "I am going to die, please tell Rafat to take me home. I don't want to die alone here in the shelter." I think she was picking up on Rafat's emotions.

When I told this to Rafat, she started howling even more. So, to calm Rafat down, I said,"Why don't you get her home, I am back in Delhi tomorrow, I will send you some Bach Flower Remedies and let's see how she does."

Rafat rushed to the shelter and Bhuri was home within the hour. Bhuri looked happy and grateful to be home. She said thank you. She was no longer scared. Rafat was very worried but had also calmed down.

The next morning, I talked to Bhuri again. She told me that she had a really bad fright that just stopped her. She could not move. That was the cause for the paralysis. When the vet checked her out, he could not find any injury or anything wrong with her. They could not diagnose what caused this. He had put her on medication. Given that they didn't know the cause, the Vet would not comment on recovery time or if she would recover.

Rafat continued her Allopathic treatment at home including drips.

I quickly sent some Bach Flower Remedies for Bhuri . Between Allopathic treatment and the Bach Flower Remedies, she calmed down and became hopeful of recovery.

With a few more conversations, and the treatment, Bhuri was walking again on Day 5. But her attempts started on Day 2 itself.

What she needed was a safe place where people loved her and a little bit of encouragement through Bach Flower Remedies and conversations to make a full recovery.

Rafat Ahmad is a animal rescuer and feeder. Her Not for Profit is Animal Connect.


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