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House training animals can be a nightmare for some

Updated: May 31, 2022

Why do animals pee and poo in inappropriate places?

This is such a common problem, a lot of people face a very long and grueling battle to train their pets to go outside or use the litter tray. And even after learning, they will do exactly as they please!

I am no stranger to this issue. Dopey was a hard nut to crack and could pee anywhere he felt like. I remember once when he was about a year old, he peed in the middle of the drawing room with a ton of people who were over for dinner. He kind of woke up from his bed and with his sleepy face, he took a big, long piss in front of everyone.

I don't like to disturb an animal when they are doing their business. So I let it be. After all, it's his home too. So, I cleaned up after him but I am pretty sure it made a whole bunch of people extremely squeamish. I am pretty sure a couple of people from that party have not been back to my place ever again!

Why is it that some animals seem so un-trainable that the humans are at the end of their tether. This is a common issue that people call me with.

So here are some experiences that one needs to digest and hopefully hear what your animal is saying to you.

The cutest lab needs his own private bathroom

This lab who would only come back home to poo!

So a friend called me one day. She had a 9-month old lab who refused to get potty trained. She would take him for long walks several times a day. And he would come home and poop in one spot only, which was behind the bar in the formal drawing room.

This is my conversation with him

Hi, I am Damini, a friend of your human. She wanted me to talk to you and help find a resolution for this potty issue.

Lab: what are you talking about? I have no issue

Me: I think you do your business at home and wouldn't it be nicer to do it in the outdoors?

Lab: Why? All the people in the house poop inside? You all go to a specific place. So why do I have to go outdoors? I have my spot. It's comfortable. Why should I change?

Me: That's a part of the living area. It's not the bathroom. And she has to constantly clean up after you. Do you not want to go out for a particular reason? Is there a reason that you use this particular spot?

Lab: Of course, I chose it because it gives me the privacy that I need.

Me: You want more privacy, is that why you don't go out?

At this point, I am trying very hard not to laugh so as not to hurt his feelings. After all this was a serious concern and only a good chat could sort it out.

I continued, "Is there a place which gives you privacy outside that you might want to use, say in the back garden or in the big park outside the house?

Lab: I can't go when someone is looking at me. Also, the place needs to be enclosed. Like between the wall and hedge in the big park. My humans must turn away and give me complete privacy and time to do my business.

“I would of course need to find such a spot. And that could take time.”

It took the lady a couple of months but he does go outside now. He found it very hard to make this change and it took time.

In the meantime, his human encouraged him and thanked him profusely for making this change to help the humans.

It took time and a lot of patience on the part of the human to help their animal find the exact right spot and to acknowledge his need for privacy. To turn away and let him be for as long as he needed.

They did not need to hire a trainer. Except for walking at regular intervals and taking multiple long walks till the routine settled down.

This really is a story of experienced humans who have had many animals through their life. So, they knew what to do and how to handle it.


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